Bunion surgery before and after

How long does it take to recover from bunion surgery?

While recovery after bunion surgery takes about six to eight weeks , full recovery from bunion removal surgery can take an average of four to six months . For the first two weeks following your surgery, you’ll wear a surgical boot or cast to protect your foot.

How long before you can weight bear after bunion surgery?

In mild to moderate cases of bunions, patients are allowed to be weight bearing immediately with the help of a knee scooter or surgical boot. They are also allowed to walk in a surgical boot /shoe. The time it takes for bones to set/mend in the corrected position generally takes six weeks .

What is the success rate of bunion surgery?

Almost 95% of patient surveyed 6 months after bunion surgery would not only do it again, but would recommend it to their friends and family. That’s a pretty good success rate . Patients must have realistic expectations.

How long before you can wear shoes after bunion surgery?

Most people are able to start wearing a regular shoe approximately two months after surgery as it takes time for the swelling to resolve.

How many hours does bunion surgery take?

Surgery is typically done one foot at a time; depending on the procedure both may be done. The actual surgery takes less than an hour .

Why is bunion surgery so painful?

Bunion surgery is not particularly “more” painful than other surgeries . Foot surgery , in general, can lend itself to increased pain post-operatively because the foot is below the level of the heart and blood can rush to the area, causing a throbbing feeling.

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Do screws stay in after bunion surgery?

Your in-office screw removal -It is necessary to remove the 2 screws (around 3 months after your bunion surgery ) since they cross over a functioning joint. If we don’t take them out, there will be a low grade ache and eventually they will both break.

Does your shoe size change after bunion surgery?

The vast majority of patients who undergo bunion surgery experience a dramatic reduction of foot pain after surgery , along with a significant improvement in the alignment of their big toe. Bunion surgery will not allow you to wear a smaller shoe size or narrow-pointed shoes .

Can I take my boot off to sleep after bunion surgery?

Some people sleep with the shoe on for the first few days after surgery because it gives them a sense of more security, but you do not have to keep it on unless you are walking. If the dressing gets wet or there is a problem with it, please call the office so I can remove it myself.

What age should you get bunion surgery?

Due to the nature of the child’s foot and the growth plate centers that are present, bunion surgery should be delayed until about the age of twelve. The area of most bunion corrections is away from the primary growth center in the first metatarsal bone.

Should I have my bunion removed?

You may need bunion surgery if you have severe foot pain that happens even when walking or wearing flat, comfortable shoes. Surgery may also be needed when chronic big toe inflammation and swelling isn’t relieved with rest or medicines.

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Can bunion surgery go wrong?

Essentially, bunion surgeries can fail in the following circumstances, each discussed below: the deformity is not fully corrected and hallux valgus persists or recurs. the deformity is overcorrected into varus. the bone doesn’t heal, resulting in a nonunion.

Should I wiggle my toes after bunion surgery?

o If you had surgery on your toes , don’t wiggle them. It’s fine to move your ankle back and forth as long as it doesn’t hurt. Don’t worry about wiggling your toes . We’ve bandaged your toes in a specific position for alignment during recovery.

Can you have both bunions removed at the same time?

(Like the old surgery, you still shouldn’t do both feet at the same time , and it’s recommended to schedule surgeries at least six weeks’ apart.)

What is the fastest way to recover from bunion surgery?

10 Tips for Successful Bunion Surgery Recovery Prepare for coming home. When you get back home, you’re still going to be a little woozy from the anesthesia, so be sure you prepare a little nest for yourself to rest comfortably in. Do some crutch prep. Keep it clean. Keep stuff within reach. Set up hydration stations. Get a little help. Take a back seat. Stock up.

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