Gastric balloon surgery

How much weight can you lose with a gastric balloon?

Gastric balloons are an alternative to bariatric surgery for people with lower body mass indexes. Most patients lose between 20 and 50 pounds over six months (about 10 to 20% of total body weight ). Gastric balloons can be effective, they don’t require surgery, and they can be placed in a matter of minutes.

How much is the gastric balloon surgery?

How much does the Obalon Balloon System cost? The average cost, including 3 balloons, nutritional support and balloon removal, typically ranges from $6,000 to $10,000. Individual pricing may vary based on the physicians within your geography.

What are the risks of a gastric balloon?

This can cause a blockage that may require an additional procedure or surgery to remove the device. Other possible risks include overinflation, acute pancreatitis, ulcers or a hole ( perforation ) in the stomach wall, which might require surgery to fix.

How successful is a gastric balloon?

Overall, the study found the swallowable gastric balloon was a safe procedure that led to weight loss in obese patients, when used alongside a low calorie diet. However, the rate of weight loss slowed down after 12 weeks of treatment, until the introduction of a very low calorie diet.

How much does the balloon pill cost?

The balloon pill costs about $4,000, a fraction of what a gastric bypass surgery costs , and is much less invasive.

What happens if the gastric balloon pops?

The balloon displaces stomach volume which produces a sense of early satiety when eating. Severe adverse complications include gastric perforation (more likely in those with previous upper GI surgeries), gastric obstruction, gastric ulcer, esophagitis, and esophageal perforation.

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What can you eat after a gastric balloon?

Shortly after insertion of the balloon you will be instructed to sip water. If that is tolerated you can progress onto free fluids such as milk, yoghurt, fruit juices (low sugar) and soups for the next three days. You should choose nutritious protein containing fluids; soups are ideal and allow good variety .

Can I fly with a gastric balloon?

Can I fly with a gastric balloon ? Yes you can . An aeroplane maintains a normal pressure throughout the cabin, even at high altitude, so the balloon will not be affected at all.

What is the safest form of weight loss surgery?

Gastric Banding This the simplest and safest procedure of the bariatric surgeries . The weight loss is lower than the other surgeries , however. Also, individuals with gastric banding are more likely to regain weight in the long run.

Which is the best gastric balloon?

Spatz Balloon – The Spatz balloon system is a more suitable choice for patients who have higher weight loss goals, of more than 15 kg, and who would benefit from a longer than 6-month therapy. The Spatz balloon is unique for both adjustability and a longer therapy period (12-months).

How long does a gastric balloon last?

The balloon is filled with blue coloured liquid until it partly fills the stomach. The balloon can be left in place for up to six months, and then it must be removed. The balloon will be inserted under conscious sedation.

Does Bariatric Surgery shorten your life?

Conclusions. For most severely obese patients with diabetes, bariatric surgery appears to improve life expectancy; however, surgery may reduce life expectancy for the super obese with BMIs over 62 kg/m2.

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Is gastric band better than balloon?

The Lap Band is considered to be minimally invasive, using laparoscopic placement through small cuts along the stomach and requiring less downtime than alternatives such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. However, the gastric balloon is the only non-invasive option among these weight loss procedures.

How can I shrink my stomach?

How to Shrink Your Stomach With food LESS TRULY IS MORE. One of the best example of this is s reducing the desires of your stomach and appetite and simply getting used to less. Control hunger as a strategy for weight loss? Eat Breakfast. Eat Vegetables and Whole Grains. Eat Slowly. Drink Water. Sleep Enough. Curb Emotional Eating.

Is balloon surgery safe?

Dr. Abu Dayyeh says the balloon procedure is safe and fully reversible. Severe side effects, such as small bowel obstruction, perforation or tears in the stomach, and bleeding are rare.

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