Tibial plateau fracture surgery

How long is recovery from surgery on a tibial plateau fracture?

Non-displaced tibial plateau fractures take up to 3-4 months without surgery to heal . When surgery is required these cases take around 4 months to heal .

Is a tibial plateau fracture serious?

In summary, tibial plateau fractures are serious injuries, usually associated with soft-tissue complications. Staged treatment is recommended in severe cases. Minimally-invasive osteosynthesis, when possible, is recommended in partial articular fractures .

Does tibial plateau fracture require surgery?

Most non-displaced fractures of the tibial plateau can be treated without surgery , but they usually require an extended period (up to 3 months) of protection from walking. If displacement occurs, surgery may be needed to realign the bone fragments and hold them in position.

What happens after tibial plateau surgery?

After tibial plateau fracture surgery you will experience pain, swelling, stiffness and decreased range of movement in your knee. You will also experience a reduction in muscle strength and control in the post operative period.

How long after a tibial plateau fracture can you walk?

Patients will need to use a walker or crutches for the first 6 weeks. Gentle motion of the knee is begun early to prevent stiffness. Gradually this motion is increased and physical therapy is begun around 6 weeks after surgery if the patient has residual knee or ankle stiffness.

How long is non weight bearing after tibial plateau fracture?

The standard aftercare treatment (according to the AO guideline) for surgically treated trauma patients with fractures of the tibial plateau is non-weight bearing or partial weight bearing for 10– 12 weeks .

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Can you bend your knee with a tibial plateau fracture?

Symptoms of a Tibial Plateau Fracture The knee may feel and appear tense, owing to bleeding within the joint. This also limits motion ( bending ) of the joint. Deformity Around the Knee . The leg may or may not appear deformed.

How do you sleep with a tibial plateau fracture?

Invest in a specialized pillow, like a body pillow, for elevation—keeping the broken bone above your heart prevents blood from pooling and causing swelling. Try sleeping on your back first while propped up on a few pillows. If that doesn’t work, slowly adjust yourself to a side position if possible.

How do I strengthen my knee after tibial plateau fracture?

0 to 1 week: Ice and modalities to reduce pain and inflammation. Use crutches non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. Brace for 6 weeks in full extension. Elevate the knee above the heart for the first 3 to 5 days. Initiate patella mobility drills. Begin full passive/active knee range of motion exercises.

How soon can you drive after tibial plateau fracture?

You may drive 3 to 5 days after surgery if you are not taking pain medication. If your right leg is the operative side, then you must have good control of your leg prior to driving . Please call the office prior to, or immediately following , your surgery in order to schedule a postoperative appointment.

Can I walk on a fractured tibia?

Can you still walk with a fractured tibia ? In most cases, the answer is no. Walking after a tibia fracture can make your injury worse and may cause further damage to the surrounding muscles, ligaments and skin. It’s also likely to be extremely painful.

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How long does pain last after bone surgery?

Your Recovery You can expect the pain from your broken (fractured) bone to get much better almost right after your doctor fixes the fracture. But you may have some pain for 2 to 3 weeks and mild pain for up to 6 weeks after surgery.

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