Undergo surgery

What is undergo surgery?

Undergo definitions To undergo is to experience something. When you are required to have surgery , this is an example of a situation where you undergo surgery . verb.

What is meaning of undergo?

transitive verb. 1 : to submit to : endure. 2 : to go through : experience undergo a transformation.

How do you use undergo?

My grandpa has to undergo a number of tests in order to see if his cancer is operable. She is to undergo knee surgery tomorrow morning. Applicants to the fire department must undergo medical tests before their interviews.

Has undergone vs underwent?

infinitive: to undergo She is to undergo lip surgery. past simple: underwent She underwent lip surgery yesterday. past participle: undergone She has undergone lip surgery two times in her life. present participle: undergoing She is undergoing lip surgery.

What is difference between operation and surgery?

The act of performing surgery may be called a surgical procedure , operation , or simply ” surgery “. In this context, the verb “operate” means to perform surgery . The adjective surgical means pertaining to surgery ; e.g. surgical instruments or surgical nurse.

What is another word for undergo?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for undergo , like: execute, sustain, support, feel, go through, bear, have, submit to, experience, know and meet-with.

What is undergo in science terms?

Undergo means “endure until something is complete.” You might undergo testing to check your hearing or undergo special training if you want to volunteer at a homeless shelter.

What migrate means?

1 : to move from one country or region to another Families migrated west in search of work. 2 : to pass from one region to another on a regular basis Many birds migrate south for the winter. migrate .

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What is the past form of undergo?

past tense of undergo is underwent .

Has undergone meaning?

Undergone is defined as to have experienced or gone through. An example of undergone is to have had surgery. verb.

What is another word for did?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for did , like: served, answered, fared, made, performed, executed, caused, set, managed, arranged and dressed.

Is underwent a word?

Underwent is the past tense of undergo .

Did you undergo or underwent?

Underwent is the past tense of undergo .

Is underwent grammatically correct?

To undergo is the verb, ” underwent ” is past tense.

How do you use undergone in a sentence?

Undergone sentence examples The palace has undergone alterations and additions, e.g. Added to it was the pleasure of seeing Cynthia, after all she’d undergone , so utterly enjoying the day.

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