Well wishes for surgery

How do you wish someone before surgery?

How You Can Wish ‘Good Luck’ for Surgery or a Medical Procedure “I hope everything goes perfectly for you today.” “You’re in great hands. “All the best during your surgery .” “Here’s praying everything goes just as it should and you come out feeling great.” “I’ll be cheering you on today. 1 день назад

What can I say instead of good luck for surgery?

What to Say Instead of ‘Good Luck ‘ Before a Surgery or Medical Treatment “I’m rooting for you.” “All the best to you today.” “I hope everything goes well .” “I’m praying for you.” “Best wishes !” “I know you’ll do great at whatever you put your mind to.” “You were made for big things.

What do you write in a good luck card for surgery?

What to write in a get well soon after surgery card Here’s hoping that you get well soon after your recent surgery . Sending you all my love and the best wishes possible after your recent surgery . Hope you’re recovering quickly from your recent surgery and doing well. Sending you all my best wishes and many prayers for a speedy recovery from your recent surgery .

How do you wish someone a speedy recovery?

Sending warm wishes for a speedy recovery , Haley! Feel better soon, Sam. We miss you! Thinking of you as you recover , Jennifer. Feel better, friend! It’s really icky that you’ve been sicky. Wishing you a speedy recovery , Mark – in record time!

What is a good prayer for someone having surgery?

Help me to seek you with my whole heart as I undergo surgery . Guide the hands of the surgeon so that the operation may be safe and successful. May the peace of God reign in my life, the love of God surround me, the Spirit of God empower me and the joy of God uphold me. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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What to say to a friend who is having surgery?

What to Say to Someone Before They Have Surgery “I’ll see you in a bit! “You’re in great hands.” “You’re going to be okay.” “I’ll be there when you wake up in the recovery room.” Tell a joke. “Let’s plan a girls’ night after you recover from your surgery !” “Things will be better after your surgery .”

How do you say I wish you the best?

The best of luck! May luck be in your favor! My luck and success always be with you ! Keep going and good luck!

How do you wish someone the best?

Wishes “ Best of luck at your race tomorrow! “Good luck today! “Good luck and good wishes .” “All the luck in the world, all wished for you.” “Good luck, you! “Love and luck to you on your first day at work. “Sending good vibes to take with you to your treatment.” “I know how important this is for you.

What should I say instead of good?

good adj.pleasant, fine. adj.moral, virtuous. adj.competent, skilled. adj.useful, adequate. adj.reliable; untainted. adj.kind, giving. adj.authentic, real. adj. well -behaved.

What do you reply to get well soon?

1 Answer . If you don’t feel like saying thank you, you can also say “Will do”. //”Can you finish it by tomorrow?” “Sure, boss, will do!”

What to say instead of I hope you feel better?

How to Say ‘ Hope You Feel Better ‘ to an Acquaintance or Stranger “That sounds really challenging. I wish you all the best.” “I wish the best of health in your future.” “I hope your recovery goes smoothly every step of the way.” “I hope you ‘re back doing the things you love soon.” “I can’t imagine how that feels.

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What do you say to a serious illness?

DO say , “I really admire how you are handling this. I know it’s difficult.” A little sympathy and a compliment are almost always welcome. DO say , “It’s okay not to be the perfect sick person.” Patients can feel a lot of pressure to “be strong” “stay positive” or “fight hard”, even when they’re feeling sad and weak.

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