Acl and meniscus surgery

How long does it take to recover from ACL and meniscus surgery?

Recovery time for these surgeries varies, with an average range of 3 to 6 weeks with respect to partial meniscectomy and 12 to 16 weeks regarding meniscus repair . Patients are enrolled in a rehabilitation program during this period.

What can I expect after ACL and meniscus surgery?

Patients will be in a hinged knee brace for 4 weeks post -op locked in full extension. No active knee flexion X 4 weeks. Partial / toe-touch weight bearing for 3-5 days post -op, increasing to full weight bearing–important to watch for lower leg rotation or “heel whip” with ambulation to avoid stress onto the meniscus .

How long do you have to wear a brace after ACL and meniscus surgery?

You must wear the hinged-‐ knee brace for the first 6 weeks. This brace protects the meniscus repair because it prevents you from bending the knee past 90 degrees.

Can you tear your meniscus and ACL at the same time?

You can indeed tear your ACL and your meniscus at the same time .

How long will I be on crutches after ACL and meniscus surgery?

Crutches will be necessary for 2-7 days after surgery . Rehabilitation to gain full ROM should occur within 1-2 weeks. Heavy work or sports may be restricted for the first 4-6 weeks. Complicated arthroscopic repair of a meniscus tear requires that the patient’s knee be completely immobilized for 2 weeks after surgery .

What can you not do after ACL and meniscus surgery?

The Do’s and Don’ts After ACL Surgery Do : Keep your knee straight! Don’t: Put weight on your new knee . Do : Wear your knee brace! Don’t: Walk, swim, cycle, bend and extend your knee , etc. Do : Physical therapy. Do : Go to your scheduled follow-ups with your knee surgeon .

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How long can you walk after ACL and meniscus surgery?

It typically takes seven to 10 days after the procedure, until the patient is comfortable without the assistance of a crutch. An exception to this rule is if the patient also underwent a meniscal repair or other reconstruction of an additional ligament.

How do you sleep after ACL and meniscus surgery?

3 Tips for Better Sleep After Meniscus Surgery Keep your bandages clean and dry. Before you go to bed , check the dressing around the surgery site to make sure everything is copacetic. Sleep on your back with the leg slightly elevated. Roll over to the “good leg” side. Try breathing exercises to help relax.

When can I bend my knee after ACL and meniscus surgery?

When the patient can control their range of motion progression, their perceived threat is reduced and motion often comes back easier. Knee flexion is restored more gradually, with about 90 degrees achieved at 1 week and full knee flexion gradually advanced and achieved by week 4-6.

Can I take my brace off after ACL surgery?

You were placed into a knee immobilizer (hinged “range of motion brace ” that is locked in a straight position/0 degrees) immediately after surgery . You should wear this brace whenever you are upright or walking, and during sleep. If you are seated or laying down, and remaining still, you may take the brace off .

How long after ACL surgery can you walk without a brace?

You will need to use crutches when you go home. You may be able to begin putting your full weight on your repaired leg without crutches 2 to 3 weeks after surgery , if your surgeon says it is OK. If you had work on your knee in addition to ACL reconstruction , it may take 4 to 8 weeks to regain full use of your knee.

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How long should you wait to walk after meniscus surgery?

It usually takes about 4 to 8 weeks for patients to increase weight bearing and range of motion. Most patients can walk without a knee brace and crutches in about 2 to 3 months.

Will walking on a torn meniscus make it worse?

A torn meniscus usually produces well-localized pain in the knee. The pain often is worse during twisting or squatting motions. Unless the torn meniscus has locked the knee, many people with a torn meniscus can walk , stand, sit, and sleep without pain .

Is it okay to ride a bike with a torn meniscus?

Bicycling. Riding a stationary bike may be an important component of your knee meniscus tear exercise program. Bike riding can have many benefits, including: It is a non-weight-bearing exercise, which can limit stress and strain through your knee and injured meniscus .

What happens if you tear your ACL and meniscus?

Symptoms of a Meniscus Tear and an ACL Tear “ You may even feel or hear a pop when the injury occurs .” Other symptoms might include: Tenderness and pain along the joint line. Usually swells up quickly—within 24 hours. Difficulty bearing weight or walking.

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