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How did Gregory Porter get his facial scars?

The facial scars occurred when he was “seven or eight” (he avoids the subject of why he got them), but he insists that his appearance never inhibited him. “This has become my fashion and style,” he says of his balaclava.

What is Gregory Porter wearing on his head?

For all of his public appearances, Gregory wears a flat cap – a Kangol Summer Spitfire – with a modified strap that covers his ears and chin. He has spoken about its use as a kind of security blanket, and refers to it as his “jazz hat”.

How tall is Gregory Porter?

Porter — 6-feet-5 and 255 pounds — earned a San Diego State athletic scholarship in football as a lineman.

How much is Gregory Porter worth?

Gregory Porter net worth : Gregory Porter is an American singer, songwriter, and actor who has a net worth of $3 million. He is best known for his jazz albums Liquid Spirit and Take Me to the Alley.

What happened to Gregory Porter face?

In an interview with the Telegraph in 2016 he divulged that he received his facial scars when he was “seven or eight”, but declined to go into the specifics of how they were sustained. He said: “I just saw it one day and said ‘I’m gonna put this on, I like it. ‘ It was before the music career. “I was making soup.

Where does Gregory Porter live now?

Personal life. Porter is married to Victoria and they have a son, Demyan. Their home is in Bakersfield, California.

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What nationality is Gregory Porter?


Why does Gregory Porter wear a silly hat?

Porter always wears a modified flat cap for public appearances. The reason for this is not entirely clear, but he has mentioned its role as a security blanket and refers to it as his “jazz hat .” In an interview with when asked “what’s with the ubiquitous hat ?”

Does Gregory Porter play an instrument?

Do you play other instruments ? Porter : The ability to bend to emotion – a horn player can do it, a piano player can do it. It can be achieved – but any instrument at its best is trying to sing, is trying to communicate like the voice.

Where was Gregory Porter born?

Sacramento, California, United States

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