Hip impingement surgery recovery

How soon can you walk after hip labrum surgery?

Hip arthroscopy patients can expect to walk using crutches for 1-2 weeks afterward, and to undergo six weeks of physical therapy. It may be 3-6 months before they experience no pain after physical activity. Below is some guidance on ways to expedite the recovery and healing process.

Should I have hip impingement surgery?

If hip impingement syndrome causes significant pain and symptoms don’t improve with nonsurgical treatment or therapeutic injections, our orthopedic surgeons may recommend surgery . They can reshape the bones in the hip joint, so that the round femoral head can rotate smoothly within the socket-shaped acetabulum.

What can you not do after hip arthroscopy?

Avoid putting too much weight on your leg and lifting the leg up. Your surgeon recommends avoiding active hip flexion (lifting your leg up at the hip ) until 2-3 weeks after your surgery. This precaution is to prevent excessive hip flexor tendonitis after your surgery.

How long does it take to get off crutches after hip labrum surgery?

For most procedures you are able to begin a gradual weight bearing progression at 2 weeks , and may be able to discontinue use of crutches 3 weeks after surgery. For some procedures you may be on crutches for as long as 6‐8 weeks. Drive You may not drive while you are taking narcotic pain medication.

How do you poop after hip surgery?

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids — lots of water — and eating foods with fiber, like vegetables and beans. Feel free to use a stool softener, too. Any over-the-counter product will do. Also, remember that there’s no set rule for how many bowel movements you should be having.

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How do you use the toilet after hip surgery?

Toilet : You may need a raised toilet seat and toilet armrests. To sit: Back up until you feel the chair or toilet seat at the back of your legs. Slide your operated leg forward slightly. Bend both knees and gently lower yourself onto the chair or toilet , using the armrests, countertop, or sink for support.

How successful is hip impingement surgery?

Some studies say that FAI surgery works really well The study notes that the average improvement for those who got improvement was 20 points on the Harris Hip Score. The range of scores went from -17 (meaning someone got much worse) to +60 (meaning someone felt much better).

How long does hip impingement surgery take?

A hip arthroscopy involving labral debridement (no repair) and no bony decompression usually takes less than one hour . A hip arthroscopy involving labral/cartilage repair and FAI decompression usually takes about two hours . This is done as an outpatient surgery (go home the same day).

How serious is hip impingement?

Hip impingement , or femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), occurs when the femoral head (ball of the hip ) pinches up against the acetabulum (cup of the hip ). When this happens, damage to the labrum (cartilage that surrounds the acetabulum) can occur, causing hip stiffness and pain , and can lead to arthritis.

How painful is arthroscopic hip surgery?

At HSS, over 90% of hip arthroscopy procedures are performed under regional anesthesia. Regional Anesthesia for hip arthroscopy surgery is a spinal or combined spinal-epidural anesthesia. When you receive this type of anesthesia, you will feel no pain during the surgery .

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Is hip labrum surgery worth it?

It is clear that not every individual who has a hip labral tear needs arthroscopic hip surgery . In fact, nonsurgical treatment in many cases may be just as effective, and sometimes even more effective, than surgical intervention. 7 Working to define which patients are most likely to benefit is an ongoing process.

How do you sleep after hip arthroscopy?

Sleeping on your side. Try to sleep on your back. If you must sleep on your side, sleep on the unoperated side, with a pillow under your operated leg – to hold that leg level with the body. Clutch use in manual cars (for left hips ) – may flare up symptoms in the first couple of weeks and is best avoided.

Do you have to wear a brace after hip labral tear surgery?

The average postoperative course involves 2 weeks in a hip brace and 2 weeks on crutches to protect the work done on the hip . A brace may be required for 6 weeks, and crutches may be required for up to 8 weeks if the hip’s condition requires a more extensive surgery .

Can you sleep on your side after hip surgery?

It’s best to avoid sleeping on your affected side for at least six weeks. After your doctor gives you the go-ahead, listen to your body, and only lie on your operative side when you feel comfortable.

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