Recovery after sinus surgery

How long does it take to recover after sinus surgery?

After sinus surgery, most people can go home accompanied by a friend or relative. Rest with the head elevated is along with an icepack wrapped in a towel to stop any bleeding that commonly occurs. Recovery may take about 3 to 5 days .

What should I expect after sinus surgery?

Pain: You should expect some nasal and sinus pressure and pain for the first several days after surgery . This may feel like a sinus infection or a dull ache in your sinuses . Extra-strength Tylenol is often all that is needed for mild post -operative discomfort.

Are sinus operations successful?

The fortunate thing here is that sinus surgery usually works very well. In fact, endoscopic sinus surgery , which is the most common type of sinus surgery performed today, is about 85 to 90 percent effective .

Can I drive after sinus surgery?

You won’t be able to drive yourself. After a sinus surgery , follow-up care is essential to make sure your sinuses heal correctly. It could take up to five days for you to feel up for your regular physical activity.

What comes out of nose after sinus surgery?

You may notice some dark brown nasal discharge for several weeks after your surgery . This is old blood and mucus being cleared from the sinuses and is normal. Also, thick yellow or white drainage is common. This does not mean you have a sinus infection.

How bad is recovery from sinus surgery?

It can take several weeks for you to fully recover . You’ll have some swelling and tenderness inside your nose after the surgery , but this is normal. You may have symptoms like a severe cold or a sinus infection. This is due to swelling, dry blood, mucus, and crusting in your nose.

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How long does packing stay in nose after sinus surgery?

Nasal packing may or may not be left in place after surgery . If you do have this packing , you will need to return in three or four days to have it removed by your doctor. 15 to 20 minutes.

What is removed during sinus surgery?

Surgery involves enlarging the openings between the sinuses and the inside of the nose so air can get in and drainage can get out. It may involve removing infected sinus tissue, bone or polyps.

Why does my nose smell after sinus surgery?

A blood clot may form, and in some cases, it may need to be removed by your doctor. Scar tissue may form as a result. An impaired sense of taste or smell – Usually when the nasal passages are cleared, patients have an improved sense of smell and taste. The opposite can also sporadically occur.

Does sinus surgery change your voice?

Conclusion: Sinonasal surgery can change the acoustic characteristics of the vocal tract and produce a significant increase in nasality in the early phase. However, after proper healing of the nasal cavity, nasality was observed to become similar to the preoperative level.

How long do headaches last after sinus surgery?

Pain Most patients will experience the equivalent of a severe head cold, including congestion, nasal discharge, and headache , for 1 – 4 weeks after the surgery . Pain is usually mild to moderate; prescription pain medications may be needed for up to one week after the surgery .

Can sinusitis come back after surgery?

This allows air to pass freely through the sinuses once the surgery site has healed. But over time, the diseased tissue can grow back . Within two to five years, some patients’ symptoms also come back , and some of them may require more surgery to get their sinuses back into good working order.

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Can you eat after sinus surgery?

You can eat your normal diet. If your stomach is upset, try bland, low-fat foods like plain rice, broiled chicken, toast, and yogurt. You may notice that your bowel movements are not regular right after your surgery . This is common.

Why do my teeth hurt after sinus surgery?

Some patients also get some pain in their front teeth . This is because there is a nerve that runs from your nose to your front teeth that can get bruised during the procedure .

What is debridement after sinus surgery?

Debridement is performed after sinus surgery to remove post -operative issues that may be causing discomfort and impairing the healing process, such as crust, blood clots and scarring.

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